Let’s Jam Turku!

It’s with pride and joy that we announce the presence of two HQ members at the Global Service Jam in Turku next weekend! It is with great excitement & expectation that Service Jam Turku welcomes Adam & Ana to what will be an amazing weekend with great projects!

We would also like to thank all the members of the HQ for the work and commitment shown to our Jam ‘community’. You guys really rock’n roll!

Thanks to Turku Science Park, Logomo and the Turku Jammers who are all making it possible for the GlobalHQ to be in Finland for this very next Global Service Jam 2014!

Special appreciation goes to Mrs Minna Arve, Chair of Board, City of Turku, and Mrs Päivi Rytsä, Managing director at Logomo, for both their tremendous and continuing support to Jam Turku! — as well as opening the doors for the HQ to be with us in Turku (Åbo) this time. Thank you!

Registration is open… get your ticket now!

Hello Jammers!

Welcome to the Service Jam Turku 2014—welcome to the idea of Global Jamming… just 48 hours to save the planet.

48 hours to create a service… challenge your creativity with interdisciplinary jammers from Turku and all over the world.

We will be again jamming together next weekend, March 7–9, 2014 at Logomo in Turku (Åbo). Meals provided on site—you need to register asap.

Interested to join? Send an email… registration@jamturku.fi or get your ticket immediately here.