The Global Service Jam: Turku (Åbo)

Every year people who are interested in services and using a design–based approach to problem solving and creativity meet all over the globe—at the same time. In a spirit of experimentation, co–operation and friendly competition, teams have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme before publishing them to the world.

Take a look in the Global Archives of last year’s Jams—see what inspired people interested in Service Design can create in 48 hours.

Spread the creativity—all the work created at a Global Service Jam is under the Creative Commons License. This is how it works:

All results are owned by the individual design team

All services, ideas, art, code and concepts made during the Global Service Jam are owned by the members of the team that developed them (not the local Jam or the Global organizers). This includes all aspects of intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. In the cooperative spirit of a service jam, there are often many people helping one another. All members of the team are held to standard industry practices of collaboration, including appropriate acknowledgements to parties (also in other teams) who may have contributed. The design team is free to develop their ideas commercially after the Jam, but the results of the Jam itself must be open, as below.

All results have to be published and archived on the Global Service Jam website under Creative Commons license

All participants of the Global Service Jam will allow the documentation of their service to be archived on the Global Service Jam website in the form it was submitted at the end of the service jam. Participants may ask to have an update of the documents posted with notice of version information. 
All works will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0. You can also check out the Global Service Jam licensing.

No pre–made content

The Global Service Jam prohibits the use of pre–made content (this includes graphic designs, processes, models, audio, program code, etc.) unless it was publicly available at least a month prior to the service jam. Please also make sure that if you use pre–made content you use content with a appropriate license (CC or public license).

All materials can be used for demonstration

All materials made at the Global Service Jam can be used for demonstration and lecture at conferences, schools or industry venues with the expressed discretion of the Global Service Jam, EDO and Work Play Experience.