Join us in Turku!

More than 80 locations around the globe have already registered for this years’ Global Service Jam 2017 … and the registration for your Jam in Turku (Åbo) opens this weekend. We will be joining the Global Service Jam on February 17–19 in the marvelous WISIO center for 48 hours—to save the planet… let’s Jam Turku! Get your ticket now!

Thank You Everyone for this Jamtastic Weekend!

The fifth Global Service Jam started in Tehran on Thursday morning and went round the world three times to close on Santa Monica Boulevard in California on Sunday night… with grateful thanks to Dean Markus Granlund and Helena Rusanen and above all You! we have been Jamming all weekend long here in Turku (Åbo) in the marvellous Mercatori hall at Turku School of Economics—and we joined thousands around the globe, on six continents, in over 100 locations… You ROCKED! You JAMMED indeed! YOU are the Jam!

Now, with the sunrise over Aura joki all locations are closed, the uploads are uploaded and the Global Service Jam 2015 is no longer LIVE. ‪#‎GSJam‬ is over folks. It’s over…

Still kananlihalla (: —the Global Service Jam 2015 was amazing! The great focus on prototyping this year was a clear expression of the key Jam philosophy ‘doing, not talking! Well, well done everyone! And if you want to do it again—in a whole new context—see you at Global GovJam this June!

The clock is ticking…

Final uploads to the Planet Jam platform to be accomplished by 15:00 sharp—every team’s prototype, any other documentation, business plan canvas, logo, pictures, models, memorable snapshots… jännitys tiivistyy, ehtiikö kaikki prototyyppien dokumentaatio valmiiksi… tuliko filmistä liian suurikokoinen, ehtiikö se latautua Planet Jam alustalle!

Lean Startup method

Lean Startup case—corporeal Timo Ketonen shares with us the actual status of ‘Plantui’ and explains the ‘build product, measure data, learn and come up with new ideas’ in reality. “Remember pivoting for appropriate directions—like in basketball…” thanks a lot for these insights and exemplary advice.

And meanwhile Timo and Jenni Seppä were answering our questions… Plantui prepared this video message to smart innovestors.

Do we understand teaming rightly?

Thanks to Timo Linnossuo explaining to us forgotten team spirits—face your vis–à–vis, focus and respect your counterpart, your team member; don’t just listen to yourself—and our misinterpretation in the Western world on what Toyota’s LEAN initially means, how ‘lean’ visualises from Kai Zen: good change by continuous improvement!



Well… what a start on day 2—Joni Salminen dives deep into Service Blueprinting, explains to us in all details what, where and when service blueprinting should be applied and makes sense. For all who wants to refer… Joni shares his presentation slides. Thanks!

Here’s a service blueprint template for your conveniences. Kiitos Joni!

Blueprint  ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from the original process in which prints were composed of white lines on a blue ground or of blue lines on a white ground.

Ideation time

Don’t fall in love—don’t ideasturbate… learn to trash a first idea. Asking people to build something—that puts a big smile on their face, and then forcing them to break the very thing to not fall in love with ideas… that’s how Mikko Väätäinen forced us to realise how easy it is to move on and find else. Takes just a couple of minutes that easy.


Get–to–know and warming up…

Come into my comfort zone, and pull me out. Thanks to Riikka Harikkala giving us games, sound and moves to do—ha, haha, hahaha hahahaha, hahahahaha ha… clap your hands and dance!

Still want to join?

Pre–registration is now closed—and what a promising mixed crowd will get together for the Global Service Jam 2015. Now, let’s Jam Turku! this weekend. Overslept the registration process, but still want to join? Let us know asap. … we’ll find a way to get you in.

Those already registered, read the welcoming mail, prepare your hats and wigs … and have good night rest. See you tomorrow, and Tervetuloa!

And the Secret Theme for the Global Service Jam 2014 is…

Secret Theme Video for the Global Service Jam 2014this film is used to open the Jam in around 100 cities worldwide. It contains some of the practicalities of Jamming, as well as some great tips for Jammers. It also reveals the Secret Theme which all Jammers take as the starting point for their work. Thanks to Paul Z Jackson, Belina Raffy and Matt Weinstein from the Applied Improvisation Community for their great tips!


We are ready—where are you?

Everything set and in place to change the world from here in Turku at Logomo… five hours and counting till we will get to know the secret theme for the Global Service Jam 2014.

Two and half participants registered—unfortunately one of them still doesn’t know if she can make it for the ‘Breaking the Ice Cake’

Well, we need you, the world is watching Turku—so if you are now interested to join us for the next amazing 48 hours, just call Annaliisa, +358 40 1911020 or email immediately.

Let’s Jam Turku!