We will be Jam’ing this weekend, February 17–19 in Turku! The Global Service Jam 2017… registration is closed, but you can still join us—email now to

Friday | at WISIO | February 17, 2017

16:00 Meeting up at WISIO, Lemminkäisenkatu 14–18 A in Turku—follow the sunflowers (:
16:30 Welcome to the Jam!
16:45 Games, get to know your fellow Jammers
17:30 Host presentations ‘‘What is service design and service design thinking’, ‘What is the planning process?’, ‘What happens on Earth during these 48 hours?’
18:30 Revealing of the official Global Service Jam Secret theme 2017
18:45 First brainstorming in groups,
19:30 Supper, informal discussion and hanging
20:00 Pitching-session/sales pitches, building work groups, defining the basic concepts—the Jammers form teams and immediately start ideation, what kind of service they want to create and develop for the next 48 hours…
21:00 Work groups status check

Saturday | at WISIO | February 18, 2017

08:00 breakfast for early birds
immediately: registering the teams to Planet Jam
09:00 Host presentations ‘Team spirit’, ‘Research and brainstorming’, ‘How–to build with Lego’
morning: evaluation, brainstorming, planning
12:00 lunch break
13:00 work groups’ status check
13:45 Host presentation ‘Prototyping’
afternoon: planning, first prototype, extra prototype, field testing
16:30 work groups’ status check
afternoon: evaluation, brainstorming, planning, second prototype
19:00 Supper
19:30 Pitching, informal discussion and hanging
evening: evaluation, brainstorming, planning, prototyping, …

Sunday | at WISIO | February, 2017

08:30 breakfast early birds
09:00 start, status check
morning: brainstorming, planning, final prototype – the work groups present their service prototype and test the service in the real world on the streets of Turku
11:30 lunch break
12:00 final work groups’ status
12:45 host presentation ‘Effective presentation’
afternoon: preparing presentations and upload, upload, upload…
15:00 Deadline, uploading complete
15:30 Teams’ prsentation on Sunday afternoon each work group present their best prototype to the world
16:30 Yhteenveto —after pushing ourselves to the limit, we can sit down and relax with our new friends!