Lean Startup method

Lean Startup case—corporeal Timo Ketonen shares with us the actual status of ‘Plantui’ and explains the ‘build product, measure data, learn and come up with new ideas’ in reality. “Remember pivoting for appropriate directions—like in basketball…” thanks a lot for these insights and exemplary advice.

And meanwhile Timo and Jenni Seppä were answering our questions… Plantui prepared this video message to smart innovestors.

Do we understand teaming rightly?

Thanks to Timo Linnossuo explaining to us forgotten team spirits—face your vis–à–vis, focus and respect your counterpart, your team member; don’t just listen to yourself—and our misinterpretation in the Western world on what Toyota’s LEAN initially means, how ‘lean’ visualises from Kai Zen: good change by continuous improvement!



Well… what a start on day 2—Joni Salminen dives deep into Service Blueprinting, explains to us in all details what, where and when service blueprinting should be applied and makes sense. For all who wants to refer… Joni shares his presentation slides. Thanks!

Here’s a service blueprint template for your conveniences. Kiitos Joni!

Blueprint  ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from the original process in which prints were composed of white lines on a blue ground or of blue lines on a white ground.